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4 Out-Of-The-House Hobbies Which Will Teach Your Child Invaluable Life Skills

A games console controller lies on a table
Don't let your child become addicted to their games console

It’s important to help your child find a hobby they enjoy while they are young. As adults, many of our fondest memories involve our favourite childhood activities. Not only will hobbies fill your child’s time, but they will help them make friends, find their passion in life, and- hopefully- teach them life skills.

Many fantastic hobbies, such as cooking and coding, can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. But you also want to make sure your child tries hobbies which take place outside of the house- these are the one’s which will fill your kid with adrenaline, excitement, and keep them fit and healthy.

And in the age of iPads, smartphones, and games consoles it’s easier than ever for a child to spend life in their bedroom. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a grumpy teenager who never leaves the house (and trust me, you don’t want that)!

But not all hobbies are created equal. While some solely give your child something to spend their time doing, others will also teach your kid invaluable life skills along the way. Read on to discover 4 out-of-the-house hobbies which will leave your child with skills they can use throughout their life.


A group of children play football on a pitch
Football is the world's most popular sport

Perhaps the ultimate team sport, there’s a reason why football is the most popular children’s sport. The complex tactics, multiple roles which must be filled, and constant communication ensure that football will improve your child’s teamwork skills like no other hobby.

A natural side-effect of such a team-focused sport, is that your kid will form close bonds with their teammates, leaving them with lifelong friendships and the skills to make new friends.

Aside from teamwork, football really does offer a full-body workout, ensuring your child stays fit and healthy.

If that’s not enough, then football offers your child the chance to develop their strategic thinking and leadership skills as they plot their way around the opposition.

Martial Arts

2 children take part in BJJ in an MMA cage
Martial arts teach your child resilience like no other hobby

If football is an exercise in teamwork, then martial arts are the ultimate exercise in grit, resilience, and determination.

Nothing will teach your child to roll their sleeves up and keep going when life gets tough quite like martial arts does.

A key benefit of any martial art is that it will teach your child self-defense. After training martial arts for a year, you will be safe in the knowledge that your child can look after themselves. When your child comes to realise this too, the boost it gives their self-confidence is wonderful to see.

While your child will learn to fight through the hard times, they will also learn discipline and respect. No martial arts gym will allow their kids to break the rules ensuring your child has a healthy respect for authority.

For the perfect example of the benefits martial arts can have, check out the video below.


A girl and a lady take part in a swimming lesson in a swimming pool
A third of British children can't swim

Swimming might seem like an obvious one, but a staggering 34% of UK children are unable to swim by the age of 11. That’s despite drowning being the second most common cause of injury death in children.

Swimming lessons are easy to find, accessible, and open to all. 6 months of swimming lessons should be sufficient time for your child to learn how to swim safely. And it’s a skill which will stick with them for life.

But beyond just learning how to swim, swimming is a popular, enjoyable, and highly beneficial hobby.

The urge to consistently set faster times teaches your child to set goals in life and can leave them with a lifelong passion.

Swimming is also excellent for physical development, offering increased muscle strength, flexibility and cardio.


A map of a scavenger hunt lies on grass
Scouting is over 100 years old

The quintessential outdoor hobby, Scouting has been a staple of childhood for over a century.

Scouting aims to ensure your child experiences a range of useful activities, with everything from sowing to kayaking included. While learning how to take part in these activities, your child will inevitably pick up invaluable life skills. Cooking, camping, rock-climbing can all be learned thanks to Scouts.

This has the added advantage of allowing your child to experience a range of hobbies and they may find one which makes them particularly passionate.

Performing all of these activities with their peers will have your child forming strong friendships while also learning independence and self-sufficiency.

If there is one criticism of Scouts, it is that it focuses too much on “hard” skills and not enough on “soft” skills like empathy, teamwork, and attitude.

Regardless, Scouts is an excellent hobby for your child, and many adults cite Scouts as a key factor in the adult they have become.

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