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5 Ways To Get Fit Without Going To The Gym

We’ve all been there. You’re running on a treadmill, facing a blank wall, feeling like you’re about to pass out, when you check the screen… you’ve been running for 6 minutes and have burned approximately 50 calories.

For many of us, the gym can be an uninspiring place, where we fall into a routine that is repetitive and mundane.

To inspire your fitness regime for the new year and remove the dreaded gym trip from the equation, we’ve created this list of our five favourite, outside-the-box fitness activities to try in 2019.

A series of weights are queued up in a gym
Your typical gym routine can get very boring after a while


Rock-climbing is a potential solution if you can relate to feeling bored at the gym, and is an ideal activity for those of us who struggle to stay focused during repetitive sets. Indeed, when it comes to climbing it’s a matter of strategy and skill just as much as it is strength and stamina.

Whilst hanging in the same spot on the wall as you plan your next move will work muscles you didn’t even know you had, there’s the added benefit that your mind is kept distracted from the strain, since you’re constantly thinking and navigating the wall.

A women looks up as she chalks her hands in preparation to begin rock climbing
Rock climbing is a great way to keep your mind and body ticking over at the same time

Martial arts

Exploring martial arts is another amazing way to escape a dull gym routine, and feel like a badass whilst doing so.

Open to both men and women, a huge advantage is the variety of martial art forms on offer for you to try, from Kickboxing to Muay Thai and MMA.

The only thing that won’t vary is the all-over body workout you’ll experience, from your upper body, glutes and core strength, to your sense of balance and coordination.

And don't worry about being punched in the face- 99% of people who train martial arts don't participate in the contact aspect of the arts.

A man wraps his hands in preparation to start boxing. Boxing bags are in the background.
Martial arts ensure a full-body workout in a fun environment


Similarly varied, dance is an exciting and diverse alternative to the gym.

The styles on offer for you to choose from are endless, from ballet and pole fitness, to hip-hop, breakdance and belly-dance.

Whether you’re musical or not, the rhythmic element will inevitably take your mind away from the fact that you’re working out, and another bonus is that it will put the creativity back into exercise, empowering you to be artistic while you exercise.

A group of women dance as part of a dancing class. Weights are in the background.
Art and exercise can go together


Yoga is a unique form of exercise where physical and mental health meet.

Lots of people love it because it incorporates elements like mindfulness and breathing into fitness, and as such it will leave you feeling calm and revitalised.

It’s also another one that is extremely varied, with a wealth of forms to choose from. On the spectrum you have more spiritual forms like Kundalini yoga which involves chanting and gong-baths (intrigued?), to potentially more challenging forms such as Pilates, that are more specifically aimed at muscle conditioning.

A group of people meditate as part of a yoga class.
Yoga helps the mind and body

Team sports

This may sound broad, but if you’re someone who has never considered group exercise, it’s definitely something to reconsider.

The great thing about team sports is that you get to meet people and have fun together whilst getting fit all at the same time.

And another benefit is that it doesn’t matter what your starting ability is. Team sport could mean joining a walking or running group at first, simply to get into the routine of setting aside time for exercise.

Conversely, if you have a competitive streak and feel interested by more rigorous sports, team activities like volleyball, tennis or football are all ways of getting fit whilst having a great time and striving towards a clear goal!

A basketball player throws a basketball at the hoop during a basketball match. Other players watch on. This takes place in a gym hall.
From walking groups to competitive games- there is a team sport for everyone

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