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How EVERYONE Feels Before Their 1st Time In A Martial Arts Gym

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

“Oh God, it’s gonna be full of huge aggressive men and they’re going to hate me for being on their mats and I’m going to look so stupid when I can’t do any of the techniques and everyone will laugh at me.”

We’ve all been there. Literally every single person has felt the way you’re feeling before your first time in a martial arts gym. There’s no shame in being anxious, apprehensive, and worried before your first visit. In fact, it’s totally normal. After all, combat sports gym are full of hyper-aggressive guys who are there beat everyone up and don’t want anyone to get in their way, right?

A man punches a boxing bag in a gym full of boxing bags

Well that couldn’t be further from the truth. Modern martial arts gym are a cosmopolitan haven and absolutely everyone is welcome. Gone are the days of 20 ripped men pummelling each other against a cage. Instead, a combat sports class will feature all genders, shapes, sizes, and ages. 90% of classes are no contact and you will never be forced to participate in something which makes you less than 100% comfortable. Most importantly, there is no judgement whatsoever.

A group of men and women smile for a picture after a martial arts class

No one in a combat sports gym will ever laugh at your age, weight, lack of skill, or reason for being there. Ever. Instead what you’ll find is a warm, welcoming family who push you to reach your goals and help you every step of the way. No, you won’t be the only woman. No, you won’t be the only overweight person. And no, you certainly won’t be the only person who doesn’t want to fight- 95% of people who train with us have no intention of fighting. Getting in shape, making friends, finding a new hobby- those are all far more popular reasons for training at a martial arts gym than wanting to fight.

So you’re not alone about feeling anxious ahead of your first visit. And we get it, it’s totally normal. But just take a deep breath and force yourself to get over it- we promise you won’t regret it.

If you're not sure which combat sport is the right fit for you then check out our "Which Martial Art Is Right For You" post.

A group of women pose for a picture after a martial arts class

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