3 Myths About Lifting Weights As A Woman That You Need To Stop Believing

A woman lifts a dumbbell in a gym
There are a lot of myths surrounding female weightlifting- most of them untrue.

Lifting weights can be a daunting thought for many women, not helped by the cloud of rumours that swirl around female weightlifting.

But the truth is, lifting weights is an excellent addition to almost any exercise regime, be it weight loss, athletic performance, or just general wellbeing. In this post, we tackle some of the most common rumours surrounding lifting weights as a woman- and explain why they are most definitely untrue myths.

Weightlifting Will Make Me "Too Big."

A woman lifts two dumbbells in front of a mirror
It's very unlikely that weightlifting will make you look bulky

This is a completely false, but all too common, myth about weightlifting. The harsh truth is that, even for men, it’s very difficult to “get big.” It requires years of dedication, extreme discipline in diet, and hours of lifting weights every day. The average gym goer will never be at risk of getting “too big”- especially women, who have significantly lower testosterone levels.

So if this is your reason for not wanting to lift weights then you can rest easy. What weightlifting will do for you is burn fat and calories, increase muscle strength, improve your heart health, and reduce your risk of a stroke, diabetes, and many other illnesses. It won’t give you a heavily muscular frame.

I Should Stick To Light Weights