Which Martial Art Is Right For You?

2 men in gi's take part in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in an MMA Cage.

So you know you want to do martial arts- perhaps you would like a new way to get fit; maybe you want to learn to look after yourself; or possibly you just need a new hobby; but which martial art should you choose?

The seemingly endless array of combat sports can make it hard to know which one you should take up. How does age affect your choice? Time? Fitness levels? What if you want to learn self-defense but are not bothered about getting in shape? All these factors and more have to be taken into consideration.

Having said that, it’s important to remember that doing ANY martial art is better for your body, mind, and health than doing none.

But that doesn’t mean there might be some which are better suited to your situation. Read on to find out which martial art is right for you.


A woman wears a pair of boxing gloves in a boxing ring and looks at the camera
Boxing is the most popular combat sport in the world and a great choice for beginners

Pros: Relatively Easy To Learn Great Foundation For Moving On To Other Martial Arts Great For Fitness Good For Self-Defense

Cons: Depending On The Gym, It May Involve Contact Sparring One-Dimensional

Choose If You Are: Looking for a simple combat sport Looking to get fit Looking for a way to relieve stress

The most popular combat sport of them all, boxing has many pros and few cons.

Arguably the least complex martial art, you can go from beginner to a relatively competent boxer in the space of a few months. And you can guarantee that you’ll leave any boxing class dripping of sweat making it a great weight-loss solution while there are few things as therapeutic as smashing a punch bag.

Boxing is obviously a contact sport, and unfortunately some old-fashioned boxing gyms still do not look kindly on participants who do not wish to engage in contact sparring (Note, if you ever train at a gym with this attitude LEAVE. No gym worth your time will force you to spar).